Debt Collections

Individuals, business owners, material suppliers, and contractors often find themselves in the difficult position of having to collect an unpaid commercial debt.  These debts can result from a contract disagreement, tough financial circumstances, or bankruptcy.  Harrison Law Group has a long history in representing creditors in a multitude of scenarios throughout Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.  Our attorneys assist clients in the collection of commercial debts, both secured and unsecured, and our clients include contractors, subcontractors, corporations, small businesses, financial institutions, and real estate investors, among others.  Our attorneys are also seasoned at filing and enforcing mechanics’ liens and bond claims.

Harrison Law Group attorneys implement a wide variety of debt collection techniques, and have extensive experience with garnishing wages and bank accounts, filing writs for the seizure of real and personal property, and executing debtor's exams to uncover potential sources of recovery for our clients.