Lender Liability Law

Lender liability law is a relatively recent newcomer on the legal landscape, and recognizes that, in certain circumstances, a financial institutions can be liable if it does not treat its borrowers fairly.  This oftentimes occurs with respect to mortgages and foreclosure actions, but may also occur with respect to fraudulent or negligent lending practices, or when a financial institution acts in a manner that deepens the insolvency of its borrower to the detriment of other creditors.  

When this occurs, lenders can be liable under a variety of theories including breach of contract and possibly fraud.  The attorneys at Harrison Law Group are well versed in representing clients in lender liability cases.  We have pursued recovery actions against lenders under a variety of legal theories ranging from breach of contract, bad faith, and breach of fiduciary duty, to fraud and misrepresentation, depending on the particular facts and circumstances of each case.