Surety and Bonding Law

Sureties and bonding companies play an important role in modern construction projects.  Sureties provide performance bonds which protect the owner of the project in the event that the contractor defaults on its work or is otherwise unable to complete the project, and payment bonds which protect subcontractors and suppliers in the event that the contractor is unable to make payment for the work rendered.  In addition, in the public sector, the federal Miller Act and state Little Miller Acts require public entities to obtain payment bonds to secure payment to downstream contractors.

Given the prominent role that sureties and bonding companies play in modern day construction, intimate knowledge and experience with the intricacies and quirks of surety and bonding law is required for the construction lawyer.  The attorneys at Harrison Law Group are very familiar with the requirements for filing bond claims, whether the bond is private or issued under some version of the Miller Act, and for litigating bond claims through verdict.  The attorneys at Harrison Law Group have faced and successfully dealt with all of the defenses, tactics, legal strategies, and road blocks the bonding companies attempt to utilize to avoid paying bond claims, and have participated in litigation and appeals which drastically changed the legal landscape for sureties operating in the State of Maryland.  Because of the complexities of bond and surety law, and given the extent to which sureties and bonding companies will go to avoid paying a claim, prompt, aggressive, and knowledgeable legal action is a must, and the attorneys at Harrison Law Group are ready to put their legal experience to work for you.