Employment Law Services

Harrison Law Group attorneys represent corporate clients in many aspects of the employment relationship, including legal compliance, unfair competition, and employment litigation. In this country's complex work environment, the laws and regulations that govern employment practices continue to change, and noncompliance with those laws and regulations can lead to costly mistakes. Clear and consistent employment policies and workplace procedures are vital. To that end, our attorneys provide practical advice and real answers to our clients' employment law questions. In many instances, a comprehensive employee handbook is a good starting point for the development of clear policies and procedures. Our attorneys work with clients to not only draft these guidelines, but also to create methods to ensure best practices for the company workplace.

Another important concern for companies that Harrison Law Group represents is protection of trade secrets and confidential information, as well as development of covenants not to compete for current and former employees. We, therefore, regularly assist clients with drafting and enforcing confidentiality agreements and non-compete or non-solicitation agreements. When necessary, we help our clients investigate violations of such agreements and remain prepared to seek immediate court intervention to address any problems through temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions. By taking quick and decisive action, along with the pursuit of any and all other legal remedies, we endeavor to help our clients retain their customer base and remaining workforce with the goal of minimizing the disruption that inevitably occurs when key employees leave a successful organization.

Unfortunately, there are times when litigation is an unavoidable part of the business world. In cases involving employment litigation, we represent clients in lawsuits involving wrongful discharge, employment discrimination and sexual harassment claims as well as benefits litigation and contract disputes. Regardless of the size of a workforce, we provide individual strategies to all of our clients so as to help them operate successfully and best meet their business goals.