Jeremy C. B. Wyatt

Jeremy C. B. Wyatt

“Clients often have complex legal problems, but those problems nonetheless require simple, workable, and cost-effective solutions.”

Jeremy Wyatt is an Associate Attorney in the Baltimore office of Harrison Law Group.

Construction defects.  Jeremy represents both owners and contractors in complex construction defect cases involving issues such as delay claims, statutory condominium warranties, claims for attorneys’ fees, indemnifications claims, and contract and tort claims. 

Contract disputes.  Jeremy has experience negotiating, settling, and litigating contract disputes between businesses and between individuals regarding issues such as liquidated damages, contractual intent, terms of unwritten contracts, attorneys’ fees provisions, indemnification, and covenants not to sue.

Collections and liens.  Jeremy has successfully collected outstanding payments for his clients using every tool available at law, including liens, garnishing property and wages, and pre-judgment seizure of property such as bank accounts or vehicles.

Before joining Harrison Law Group, Jeremy was an associate attorney at a mid-sized law firm, where he focused his practice on litigating construction defect and contract disputes.

Jeremy is married and has a daughter and son.  Outside of the office, Jeremy likes to cycle and brew beer.  He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Village Learning Place, a community library and education center in Charles Village.