Harrison Law Group is a full-service law firm. While the majority of our clients remain businesses engaged in the field of construction, our practice has expanded in the decades since we were established such that a good portion of our clients are in industries other than construction.  The attorneys at Harrison Law Group have broad legal experience and are able to handle most types of matters involving civil practice for any commercial client.

While we practice in varied areas of law and we represent diverse types of clients, our overriding philosophy for all clients remains the same. We listen to our clients and focus on their needs and goals. We have a commitment to providing excellent legal services. We create an atmosphere that fosters creative thinking and problem solving. We use a team approach to most effectively represent clients in all practice areas.

Harrison Law Group’s legal services for businesses and individuals extend beyond Maryland and Washington, D.C. Our strategic affiliations allow us to represent business and individuals in state and federal courts nationwide. Please contact us to understand more about our legal services.