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Multiple Construction Projects Planned for Maryland Universities

By November 4, 2014 November 19th, 2019 Construction Law

Over the next few years, three of Maryland’s universities are set to have substantial construction projects completed on their campuses.  University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), Morgan State University and Towson University will each seek to expand and improve their campuses by way of the slated construction projects in an effort to accommodate their growing student bodies.

UMBC has several projects scheduled on their campus in the coming years.  Scheduled to open during the 2017-18 academic year is a 5,000-seat events center costing $85 million.  The new building will allow the college to host events for its growing student body, including concerts, guest speakers, and graduation ceremonies.  Currently, UMBC must hold graduation off-site to accommodate crowd sizes.  In addition to the events center, UMBC is also planning a new 123,000-square-foot interdisciplinary life sciences building which will feature interactive classrooms and labs.  Construction for the life sciences building is set to break ground in March 2017, with completion estimated for March 2019.  Finally, UMBC is constructing a new campus entryway worth $12 million, in an effort to resolve traffic flow backups during peak hours.  Construction of the traffic circle and roadway improvements portion of the project is set to begin in the coming weeks, while completion of the project is expected by fall 2015.

Morgan State University has large projects planned as well.  The 140,000-square-foot Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management facility will include a lecture hall, classrooms, a trading floor simulator, and a pedestrian bridge.  The project is expected to cost $79 million and is anticipated to open in fall 2015.  The University will also be constructing a new Behavioral and Social Sciences building, also worth $79 million.  Teaching, research, and demonstration space will be featured in the new facility, which will begin construction in April 2015 and is estimated to be completed in fall 2017.  Each of the new facilities will provide Morgan State with more spacious and more technologically advanced classrooms for its students enrolled in those programs.

As for Towson University, construction projects are planned with focus on residential areas of the University, as well as campus facilities.  Construction has recently begun on a project that will include two new high-rise apartment-style residence halls, which is the third and fourth stage of the West Village Housing project.  The new residence halls could potentially house up to 700 beds when completed, and will cost $85.2 million.  Burdick Hall, home of the University’s Campus Recreation Services, will be adding a 94,500-square-foot area, a project worth $40.5 million.  Featured in the building’s addition will be an expanded fitness center, an indoor running track and a 25-yard swimming pool.  Completion of the Burdick Hall expansion project is expected by fall 2017.



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