Business Contracts

No matter the type of business organization, commercial contracts are an essential part of running any successful operation.  The attorneys at Harrison Law Group are well-versed in all issues relevant to the drafting, review and negotiation of each type of business contract.  For our construction clients, a comprehensive construction or subcontracting agreement will be the nuts and bolts of that operation.  Often, contractors will engage independent contractors to assist with a project, and a subcontract agreement will be required.   Regardless of the nature of their business operations, clients may encounter the need to have certain employees sign confidentiality, non-solicitation or non-compete agreements.  Other important and varied business contracts to be drafted or reviewed and negotiated include real property leases, equipment leases, line of credit documents, loan documents, settlement agreements, joint venture agreements, asset purchase and sale agreements, stock purchase and sale agreements, purchase orders, bills of sale, invoices, warranty agreements, and security agreements.  Our attorneys have many years of experience addressing both common and unique issues in all types of business contracts and the need for well-drafted agreements cannot be overstated for the protection of our clients’ business interests.