Contract Drafting, Review and Negotiation

One of the keys to a successful construction project lies in controlling and apportioning the risk inherent in every project. Contract drafting and negotiation is an art that requires a delicate balancing of competing interests in a manner that fairly and conscientiously allocates the various risks on a project to the party best suited to manage a risk. Our experience litigating construction disputes means that the attorneys at Harrison Law Group have been encountered and managed almost every issue that can arise during the life of a construction project, and we leverage that knowledge base when drafting or negotiating contracts on behalf of our clients.   We have, for example, litigated “pay-if-paid” clauses, indemnity clauses, and “no damages for delay” clauses in contracts, and have learned effective ways to rewrite those clauses to fairly (and amicably) allocate the attendant risks.

Moreover, because we represent clients who are involved in all aspects of the construction project–whether owners, general contractors, subcontractors, specialty trade contractors, or suppliers–we have earned insights into the perspective of “the other side,” no matter who that may be, and are adept at drafting contract clauses that respect the other party’s concerns.

At the end of the day, negotiating contracts requires two parties to come to an amicable agreement about how to fairly allocate risk on a construction project. Our issue and legal knowledge base, insights into the requirements of particular trades, and broad perspective provides us with the flexibility to negotiate contract language that is fair and equitable, while ensuring that the parties’ interests are properly and adequately protected.