Payment Disputes

Navigating the complex and interlocking payment provisions of modern construction contracts and statutory protections when a dispute arises can be daunting without an experienced construction attorney. Some of the questions that come up, and that you might ask yourself, are:

  • Does your contract have a “pay-if-paid” or a “pay-when paid” clause?
  • Are you entitled to rely on statutory prompt payment remedies?
  • Is there a surety bond on the project that you can make a claim against?
  • Do you have rights to a mechanics’ lien?  If so, do you know the deadline to file a notice or lien?

Our attorneys are adept at using common recovery tools such as mechanics’ liens, bond claims, and litigation, and have also made a practice of creating unique solutions to resolve specific disputes where common tools may not get the job done. For example, when representing a second-tier subcontractor, we successfully applied a method of “leapfrogging” a first-tier subcontractor to make payment claims directly against a project’s general contractor.

Whether the payment dispute is over a “pay-if-paid” clause, back charges, owner funding losses, waiver issues, or other causes, Harrison Law Group is experienced both in making successful claims to recover disputed payments and crafting successful defenses to unfair or improper demands from opposing parties.