Mechanics' Liens

The mechanics’ lien is a tool created by statute which allows a contractor who provides certain labor or materials which improves real property to establish a lien against the improved real property to secure payment for the work performed. Because the mechanics’ lien is a creature of statute, its complex and sometimes counter-intuitive rules and provisions must be meticulously followed. Failure to follow all of the requirements of the mechanics’ lien statute will oftentimes result in the dismissal of the mechanics’ lien case. Moreover, the rules and requirements vary depending on the jurisdiction in which the property is located, so it is imperative to become familiar with the particular mechanics’ lien requirements of the jurisdiction in which work is being performed.

Because the mechanics’ lien statute and its deadlines are so strictly construed by the courts, it is imperative that competent legal counsel be consulted with a potential mechanics’ lien case sooner rather than later.

The attorneys at Harrison Law Group have significant experience in preparing and successfully litigating and enforcing mechanics’ lien cases on behalf of general contractors and subcontractors on commercial, industrial, office, residential, condominium, mixed-use, and retail projects in Maryland and the District of Columbia, and with our nationwide counsel network, across the country.  We also regularly represent owners defending mechanics’ liens, and our extensive knowledge and familiarity with the mechanics’ lien laws combined with our experience prosecuting mechanics’ liens guides and informs our defense strategies.  Whether prosecuting or defending mechanics’ liens, our extensive experience enables us to promptly and efficiently achieve our clients’ goals.