Back Charges and Change Orders

Harrison Law Group’s clients know that they can seek our guidance at any stage of the construction process, including in the middle of the project when scope of work disputes often arise. Harrison Law Group attorneys are uniquely qualified to recognize how to best preserve our clients’ claims through the change order process in order to maximize profits and minimize losses on the project.  Years of involvement in the construction industry have provided us with the detailed technical knowledge necessary to independently evaluate and opine with respect to scope changes, and our intimate understanding of contractual terms and conditions enables us to navigate the myriad of obstacles to change order recovery. We regularly combine these capabilities and successfully assist our clients in preparing, substantiating, and presenting change orders upstream. Our firm also has vast experience in both asserting and defending against back charges relating to project delays, defective or incomplete work, or supplementation of labor or materials. Our construction litigation experience informs us as we work to negotiate satisfactory resolutions to change order and back charge disputes with the ultimate objective being the parties working harmoniously together through final completion of the project.