Construction Defect Claims

Sometimes a construction project just does not come together correctly.  A defect in plans, specifications, submittals, or installation could have massive effects on the project and on your bottom line. The “classic” case of a construction defect is a permanent defect – such as a faulty roof – that affects the project after its completion. But defects could affect you in many other ways. For example, you could incur significant costs if, after you complete your project work, another party’s defective work is discovered and removed, which causes you to have to remobilize to the project to perform unnecessary rework or additional work.

Whether you are affected by alleged defects in your own project work, defects in another’s project work that interfere with your own work, or damages resulting from a project-wide defect like a flood or structural collapse, you need careful and competent representation to protect your rights. In addition to navigating the complex, interlocking contractual, insurance, and statutory limitations periods for making claims for damages based on defects, you must be wary when defending against claims (whether spurious or not) that you are responsible for project defects. Often, plaintiffs take a shotgun approach to making defect claims, and sue everyone who might conceivably have had anything to do with an alleged defect.

Harrison Law Group has many years of experience handling construction defect claims of all kinds from front to end, including initial investigations, researching legal requirements, working with subject-matter experts, reviewing insurance coverage, asserting contract claims, and ultimately litigating defect claims.  We also have long experience in asserting claims against insurance companies (both our clients’ insurers and third-party insurers) to recover damages relating to construction defects.